Inability to offer adequate scaling

Unlike other businesses, enterprises require different scaling capabilities to cater to the customers. This type of businesses deals with B2C and B2B clients. Each of the customer categories requires specific scalability, and regular updates are necessary. Only by this can an organization succeed in its activities. However, most enterprise e-commerce platforms lack adequate scaling. This aspect poses a challenge to your online store as it becomes hard for you to provide the best services when your sales levels go up. In this essence, you should pay attention to the scalability aspect of your enterprise platform to avoid this issue.

Cart abandonment

One of the modern threat to online stores is cart abandonment. Customers are visiting e-commerce sites, put their preferred item on the cart and leave without completing the transaction. According to statistics, almost 70% of daily shoppers abandon their carts. Though several reasons exist that lead to cart abandonment, the leading causes are inadequate payment gateways, high shipping costs, and complexity in the checkout processes. Also, the current generation use website for window shopping and price comparison purposes without any intention to buy.

All these aspects lead to a high rate of cart abandonment. In addressing this challenge, you need to select an enterprise e-commerce platform that offers an opportunity for creativity and ability to provide your customers with virtual experience equivalent to one they can access from a brick and mortar store.


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The necessity for cross-integration

It is undoubtedly. Mobile commerce is now a central part of online selling.

Any business whether large or small cannot ignore this fact. Customers are no longer using their mobile devices for fun. Instead, they are the modern shopping devices. In this essence, your e-commerce website must be optimized for mobile devices and highly responsive. However, enterprise-level businesses are yet to adopt this aspect.

Apart from going for enterprise e-commerce platforms offering highly responsive themes, you need to consider the cross-integration functionalities. By this, it means you will have the ability to sell through various channels and integrate them for easy management. Also, by this, you will harness your conversion rates. A great platform to achieve everything we just mentioned above is Shopify Plus, an upgradet version of Shopify’s functionalities software, where you will be able to connect your enterprise ecommerce solution seamlessly, to know how does it work, visit Shopify.com/plus

Challenges in the shipping and delivery

The climax of any sale is the reception of the product by the customer. Upon customer ordering and paying for the products, they expect you to deliver them to their residence or pick up points. For you to retain customers in your business, you must offer timely deliveries. Enterprises handle bulk sales which necessitate well-organized and planned deliveries.

Given that these businesses deal with a wide range of customers who desire localized deliveries, it is upon you to ensure your delivery and shipping are competent. This aspect can be a challenge if your enterprise e-commerce platform does not offer the necessary shipping and delivery functionalities.



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