How to build a scalable e-commerce platform

//How to build a scalable e-commerce platform

How to build a scalable e-commerce platform

Developing a scalable e-commerce platform is one of the most important steps you can ever undertake, especially when running an online retail outlet. Surprisingly, despite the weight this move holds, many retailers still overlook it and opt for the traditional options which still exist. Often in the early stages of development of an e-commerce platform, the focus is usually on the present needs and wants without any regard for the future. However, according to those who have made it in e-commerce, factoring in the growth of content, platform selection, and specific server requirements will always prevent poor performance. To assist you get a better understanding of this, let us take a look at what scalable e-commerce is all about.

 Scale across content

Scale across content usually takes different forms in the planning of an e-commerce application. Some of the simple questions you should ask during this particular planning phase include;

  • How many quality products do I have at the moment?
  • How many quality products do I see my retail outlet having in the next two or three years?
  • Does my plan have enough room for different product types in the future?
  • Can I introduce different content types such as videos, reviews, and images on my product page?

 Choosing a platform

There are hundreds of scalable e-commerce platforms out there which you can easily use. Thus, choosing one that actively supports your business model should be your top priority. Some of the vital queries you should ask yourself before picking a specific platform include:

  • Will the platform allow higher traffic to my site?
  • Will the platform support caching? If it will, at what level will?
  • Will I need additional functionalities in the future ones in install the scalable e-commerce platform such as advanced reporting and customer service representative features?

 Consider the flexibility feature of the platform you plan to use

A flexible e-commerce platform that allows easy extensibility can easily save you future headaches when your existing platform starts asking for new features. Some of these platforms allow tradeoffs for selecting those that are non-extensible while others strictly work alone. A simple software like SaaS (Software as a Service) will enable you to work without necessarily worrying about the upgrades and general maintenance of your already existing platform. By going for this specific option, you will end up saving yourself considerable worries that are associated with the high costs of maintaining and upgrading traditional low-class systems.

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