Choosing a scalable e-commerce platform

//Choosing a scalable e-commerce platform

Choosing a scalable e-commerce platform

By now, many Magento merchants out there are aware of the platform’s upcoming end of life. While some are still using the platform, many have already started the process of upgrading to Magento 2. If you are among the few who are yet to update, a simple question you should ask yourself before leaping is whether the whole exercise is worth it, i.e., is it worth taking a step back and by assessing the alternatives consider going for a hosted e-commerce platform? While opting to switch to Magento 2 may appear to be the obvious option, the entire process still involves a full redesigning process rather than just a simple upgrade, and this is where hosted e-commerce comes into play as a more reliable alternative.

So why go for a hosted e-commerce platform?

A hosted e-commerce platform differs from a self-hosted platform like Magento in that everything from organizing to security updates is quickly taken care of by the platform, and is typically bundled together in a monthly or annual subscription package. Hosted e-commerce platforms have developed by leaps and bounds over the years and have prompted a necessary increase in their adoption amongst developing online brands.

Hidden benefits of choosing the platform

 Automatic updates

Online retailers on self-hosted platforms are familiar with the many risks that accompany updates and patches. With a hosted platform, however, all updates occur automatically and are easily applied by the platform, often simultaneously to all stores. A hosted platform means there’s significantly lower risk of your outlet’s functionality breaking with each update.


Just as the name suggests, the advantage of a monthly subscription package is that you can quickly scale your store up as you grow. Hosted platforms are usually able to automatically scale up and deal with demand and in the process eliminating worries from the owner’s mind.

For example, critical seasonal events and flash sales like Black Friday are a vital part of the currents online retailing environment. However, such events can place pressure and expense on hosting teams, especially those who directly handle the online orders and ensure the requests are met at the right time and in accordance with how the consumers asked. As an online retailer facing such challenges, you should consider going for the hosted e-commerce option. Such an opportunity will help you scale up. Rather than focusing on how to handle the risen orders, the scalable platform will help you focus on sales and marketing since it will come in and automatically process the increased requests.

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